Infectious Diseases Drug Development

Revealing solutions for unmet infectious disease needs.

  • Access our global experience in viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases and vaccine development.

  • Accelerate your infectious diseases program with our integrated preclinical and clinical findings.

  • Capitalize on unique insights from more than 150 infectious disease studies with over 17,000 patients.

Infectious Disease Education Center at Covance
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Your Needs

Today, unmet needs are driving global demand for safer, more robust and efficacious infectious disease drugs. Unfortunately, many factors challenge the discovery of global solutions — factors like global mobility, the rapid emergence of antibiotic resistance and the rise of hospital acquired infections. Our successful experience in developing infectious disease solutions leverage unique thinking and capabilities that span preclinical and clinical capabilities across the areas of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases. In fact, we’ve worked on more than 150 infectious disease studies — including three of the last four antibiotics approved — and leverage this expertise to shape new opportunities for you.

From selecting the most appropriate animal model system to acquiring information on the immunogenicity of vaccine antigens, to determining characteristics critical to your vaccine’s success, we make sure your molecule regulatory submission is sound. And, if you need rapid project initiation of large global trials with integrated laboratory and microbiology services, we have the expertise to swiftly deliver against your critical milestones.

  • Acquire validated stocks of well-characterized infectious challenge agents to evaluate prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines and anti-infectives

  • Capitalize on our significant BSL-1 and BSL-2 containment facilities, which are AAALAC-accredited, USDA-registered and OLAW-assured

  • Develop transport solutions and prepare custom MIC plates to test susceptibility for a new study drug

Hepatitis C is a significant medical challenge that we’re actively partnering to cure. With research rapidly advancing and new treatment paradigms the competitive landscape of new drugs in development requires rapid testing to provide both medical and economic proof of efficacy. In addition, we have successfully brought multiple influenza and HIV solutions to market. From genomics to clinical development to safety and viral testing in our central laboratories, we are relentless in our promise to provide you guidance and help deliver solutions made real.

Our Integrated Services

We deliver a holistic suite of services for your infectious diseases development. From preclinical immunology studies to proof-of-concept to global clinical trials, our goal is to use our vast scientific and operational experience to your benefit. And we integrate our services early on to help you maximize your study conduct — as well as your molecule’s ROI.