Xcellerate® - Clinical Trial Optimization® - Cardiovascular

Together, we’ll make data-driven decisions to make your trial faster and better.

Big Data For Better Trials.

  • Optimize your study right from the start

  • Forecast better resource utilization

  • Complete your recruitment in about half of the time


It’s all in the numbers.

You want to secure as many high-performing investigator sites as quickly as possible. Together, we’ll identify the right sites for your trial needs by accessing our proprietary clinical trial knowledgebase. As the world’s largest (and always growing), it incorporates over 11,000 completed protocols across more than 600 indications. With over 175,000 unique investigators including over 14 million patient visits within the last 10 years, it has the data you need to accelerate your trial performance.    

Separate the wheat from the chaff.

Your research budget is important to you. We understand. That’s why we combine our scientific and operational insight with proprietary data to help you identify the best populations, the optimal country distribution and the highest performing investigator sites — right from the start. The result? You get the right sites needed for your study, saving you research dollars.

  • Our unique perspective will help you avoid costly mistakes of selecting under-performing sites, setting you up for success
  • The power of the world’s largest clinical trial knowledgebase provides best strategic direction of clinical trial execution with an improved timeline and quality

Optimize your resource forecasts.

Having the best investigator sites is one thing. Getting the most from them is even better. Using custom models that forecast patient enrollment for a given protocol within each site, you’ll receive a trial design that optimizes cycle time, uncovers supply chain needs and better manages your budget. 

There is no magic button.

The real power of Xcellerate lies in our insightful real world analytics. Together, we identify your optimal populations and preferred sites that get you the highest on-time patient enrollments.

Getting therapies to market faster and increasing your ROI is important.