Harnessing the Potential of Mobile Health Solutions

Navigate the rapidly growing field of mHealth with expert clinical and regulatory guidance and precise device validation in our suite of mobile health solutions.

  • Leverage our network of regulatory experts and specialty partners to guide your mobile technology submission

  • Receive reliable, repeatable and scalable data  

  • Make smarter decisions during the design, validation and execution of your mHealth product 

Our unique network of early phase clinics – more than 350 beds across five locations – is complemented by our extensive biometric staff, delivering environmental control and robust biometric analysis.

Mobile health solutions from Covance. Photo of medicine cabinet designed to look like a smart phone.
Your Needs

Mobile health apps and devices are increasingly used to efficiently gather data in clinical trials, but developers must address many challenges such as validation, connectivity and data security.

Whether you are designing an mHealth application or device, you need a quality system and risk management process to ensure patient safety and data privacy. You can leverage our experience as we evaluate your design options and constraints. Together, we can ensure the safe and effective use of your mHealth product.  

Regulatory guidance for mobile medical applications can be hard to find and even harder to navigate.

Our experts at Covance can provide advice and support—early in your process—to ensure you have a strategy that best complies with regulations while following your desired methodology for developing your mobile application or mHealth device. 

When working on a global scale, meeting regulations in the US doesn’t guarantee your mobile device or application will align with other countries. Products will need to comply with international laws that may be difficult to interpret.

Working with an experienced partner who understands international guidelines can help you navigate the restrictions and determine the best strategy for designing your mHealth product, setting you up for global success.   

Our Capabilities

The mobile health space is evolving rapidly—and so are the underlying technologies in smartphones, tablets and traditional medical devices. You need to ensure that your device, application and technology platform can deliver reliable, secure data to patients and providers.

The Covance Mobile Health Solutions team offers regulatory consulting and validation services to help both biopharmaceutical and technology companies succeed in the fast-growing mobile health field. 

While mobile health solutions can be applied at many points in a treatment path, remote monitoring continues to show potential to transform patient care and safety, and the use of mobile apps in clinical trials is growing.

When considering these new possibilities to collect patient information, it’s essential to ensure your product is user-friendly and the data transmission and analysis work as expected. At Covance, we can help you ask the right questions—and provide line of sight for the answers—to deliver a precise and effective mobile health solution that enhances your clinical trials.

Successfully integrating a mobile device or mHealth app into a clinical trial requires a team effort with multiple parties. Whether you are a biotech or a large pharmaceutical company, you can rely on our experience as a CRO to manage your relationships with mobile health companies to ensure that a quality mHealth product delivers the results you desire.

Get in touch to find out how we can drive your innovative mobile health solution and help you identify the right pathways for validation, registration and approval for your mobile health device or application.