Expanded Lab Management Solutions

Quality management made easy: no matter where your testing occurs, our Expanded Laboratory Management Solutions (ELMS) take uncertainty out of the equation.

  • Access the vast LabCorp network of esoteric testing labs: choose from more than 3000 assays already qualified for use in clinical trials

  • Or select any lab in the world: we expand your options worldwide

  • Mitigate data quality uncertainty and regulatory risks

  • Key performance indicator monitoring for on-time delivery of high-quality data

  • Eliminate ELMS management fees: use Covance or LabCorp labs

  • Conserve your valuable internal resources: use the power of our scalability to save time and money

Photo of Covance testing kits used in our expanded laboratory management solutions.

With more biomarker testing, companies increasingly rely on external labs. How do you best select and manage these labs to ensure high-quality, combinable data? And do you know if your laboratories are managed to meet ISO 15189:2012 standards? Wherever your testing is performed—within the LabCorp esoteric testing network or at any other lab worldwide—count on our ELMS solutions to help you maintain quality, actionable data.

We can meet almost any unique testing need your trial has through LabCorp’s Specialty Testing Group—a distinctive combination of specialty laboratories, each offering distinct esoteric testing capabilities and expertise—overall offering more than 3000 assays. When you use these labs, you eliminate any ELMS setup or ongoing management fees. Even if your testing is performed outside of the LabCorp network, our efficiency and economy of scale can save you over 50% compared to doing it yourself. No matter where you choose to test your samples, ELMS will manage lab performance and ensure data quality.

External Lab Management Services at Covance

We go through a rigorous RFP process to secure the  lab that makes the most sense for your needs. Then we adhere to strict performance expectations and a rigorous reporting plan to keep you in the loop. Does it take more time? Yes. But the outcome is the same—high quality, reportable data.

External Lab Management Services at Covance

With Covance, you'll benefit from economies of scale. As the largest central lab in the industry, we manage more testing than anyone else. Save time and money by focusing your internal efforts on your core mission of drug discovery while we manage the testing for you. Our team can negotiate a better price on your behalf. And we can serve as your partner to take on all aspects of lab management, so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

External Lab Management Services at Covance

View real-world case studies where ELMS uncovered and corrected problems such as improper validation and failure of labs to disclose methodology changes.