Drug Development Process by Phase

It takes a range of solutions to move from drug discovery to commercialization. We can work with you at every stage — and across every stage — to provide comprehensive drug development services tailored to your unique needs. To learn what we offer for your phase of drug development, choose one of the solutions below.

Companion Diagnostics

Bring personalized therapies to market, faster

Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Laboratory Solutions

Rely on our dedicated team to streamline redundancies and attain new efficiencies in your testing and trial execution

Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Development

Accelerate your development with the help of a proven partner to handle the complexities of rare disease studies and advance your orphan drug to market.

Biosimilars Development Solutions

Access innovative solutions at any stage in your biosimilar program – from early research through commercialization – with an experienced partner that can offer complete, strategic support.

Covance MarketPlace

Find the right partner with the desire and resources to help you realize your molecule’s potential.

Early Phase Development Solutions

Benefit from one consistent and focused molecule solution team to help you reach critical development milestones

Demonstrating your Product Value

Maximize your product and company value by turning data into a supported value proposition

Mobile Health Solutions

Transform your clinical trial data by realizing the promise and potential of mobile health

Clinical Trial Optimization and Monitoring

Unique, timely insights so you can take action, lower risk and drive faster results

Phase IV Solutions

Realize your molecule’s full market potential