Taste Testers FAQs

How do I sign up to participate?

Sign up here and provide your contact information. All of your information is confidential. Covance and The National Food Lab never provides or sells any personal taste tester information to outside parties.

How often can I participate?

Most testers will be able to participate several times per year.

If you’ve already signed up and it’s been a long time since you were contacted, update your information to make sure we are able to reach you.

How will Covance contact me about taste tests once I sign up?

We call by phone for certain tests, and send surveys via email for other tests. You can choose to opt out of email contact if you prefer phone calls only.

What happens when you contact me?

We will ask questions either via phone or online survey to determine if you qualify to participate in any upcoming taste tests. It is very important that you answer honestly. Sometimes we are looking for people who like or use certain products. Other times we may want opinions from people who are less familiar with certain products. If you meet the requirements for the upcoming test, we will schedule you for an appointment time to come to our facility.

How much will I receive for testing?

Compensation starts at $25 for most testing sessions. You will be informed of the exact amount prior to being scheduled for a specific test.

Can my spouse/roommate/other household member come to the same test I’m scheduled for?

The majority of our tests require that only one person per household participate. We can certainly contact your household member for the next test that becomes available.

How do I update my email address/phone number/other contact information?

Provide your new contact information by logging in to your account.

Where are you located?

We are located at 365 N. Canyons Pkwy in Livermore, California.

All of our taste tests are conducted at our Livermore facility. Driving directions can be found on our driving directions page.

Can children participate?

We conduct taste tests for children ages 6 and up. Parents are welcome to sign their children up. We will always contact the parent/guardian by PHONE when a new children’s taste test is available, to obtain permission to talk to and schedule the child. So please provide contact information (phone numbers) for parent/guardian.

What is the taste testing experience like?

When you arrive at our facility (5-10 minutes before your appointment time, please) your photo ID will be checked and you may need to answer a few short questions. Once you proceed into the testing area, you will be given specific instructions as to how the test will be conducted. You will answer questions about each product you taste using a computer keyboard and mouse. Once you have followed all of the instructions and completed the test, you will receive your payment and leave the facility.

What should I bring to your facility?

Please have a photo ID (for example, driver’s license) ready to show the receptionist when you arrive. If you require reading glasses or wear glasses while using a computer, please bring these as well.

What if I can’t make my scheduled appointment?

We rely on your participation to make our testing program a success. Please inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your scheduled session time. Contact information can be found on our Contact page. Repeated attendance issues may limit your eligibility for taste tests.

Livermore is too far for me to travel. Are taste tests conducted in other cities?

We only conduct taste tests at our Livermore facility.

I’ve seen the taste testing building from the I-580 freeway. Is that where taste tests are held?

Our taste testing center cannot be seen from the freeway. Driving directions can be found on our driving directions page. The building you see from I-580 houses other areas of our food and beverage research.

Can I stop by to see if a taste test is happening?

Only testers who have pre-qualified and been scheduled for an appointment session will be allowed to participate.

Can I bring my children to my appointment?

We do NOT provide childcare during our taste tests. Please do not bring children to the facility unless they are scheduled to participate in a children’s taste test.

What if I’m running late or get lost on the way to my appointment?

Please call the taste test reception desk at (925) 551-4224 to inform our staff if you think you will arrive after your session time, or if you require assistance locating our building near the time of your appointment.

Can I tell my friends and family about taste testing?

Please do! You are welcome to give out our website address, email address, or the phone number to sign up to participate (925) 551-4222. If you have other members living in your actual household who wish to join, especially children under 18, please be sure your name is provided in the sign up information as a reference.

How do I get a UserID/password to sign in to the taste testing website?

All testers 18 and over can be contacted via email for upcoming taste tests. If you are 18 or over and have not yet received an email from us with your ID and password, request the information now. Be sure to add TasteTesters@theNFL.com to your list of allowed senders to ensure the email reaches your inbox.

Other Questions?

If your question is not addressed here, please contact us by email at Tastetesters@thenfl.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.