Medical Device Manufacturing - CMS Coverage

You face increasing pressure to demonstrate clinical and economic value for reimbursement. From clinical trial design through data collection and evaluation, the entire process is easier with the right partner. We also provide extensive support to challenge noncoverage decisions.

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Partnering for Value-based Reimbursement.

Clinical Trial Design

We leverage our deep scientific experience to help identify the best data to support your clinical economic value propositions with adaptive clinical trial design.

Data Collection

Our partnership with device and drug manufacturers reveals opportunities in premarket and postmarket information to drive more informed decisions about coverage and reimbursement for your device.

Data Evaluation

Your data should translate into an impactful economic analysis. Our team makes it happen and lets the right people know through effective placement in peer-reviewed literature. 

Your Partner Throughout.

Achieving CMS coverage and challenging noncoverage decisions is easier with an experienced partner. From evidence generation to value messaging, we understand clinical economics and help you navigate the entire process:

  • Design of clinical trials
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Evidence generation
  • Translation of data into impactful information
  • Dissemination of key messages