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It is an exciting time for medical device and diagnostic development. Innovations such as AI, robotics, mobile/home-health, apps and combination products are transforming healthcare. Advances so forward thinking that they are out-pacing today’s regulatory environment. 

Change like this calls for a completely new approach.

Say Hello to a new model that connects insights across your development program interlacing every stage of the product life cycle. Making you smarter, nimbler and more efficient at getting your next medical breakthrough to the patients who need it. Covance Medical Device and Diagnostic Solutions pairs a strategic approach with expert delivery of tests and trials to get the data required. With a specialized team and powerful collection of resources, you gain the knowledge, expertise and tools to bring even your most ground-breaking devices to life. 

Explore how you can succeed at every stage of development:


Developing a device is a multi-faceted process with many moving parts.

Regulatory. Quality. Health Economics. Reimbursement. Testing and Trials. Education. Patient Safety. And More.

Covance Medical Device

Connected insights

Plan ahead with upfront consulting guidance to create a forward-thinking strategy for your device.

Life cycle integration

Advance your device faster with a cohesive approach to every development stage – preclinical, clinical and post market.

Passionate experience

Collaborate with a dedicated team of device specialists who are passionate about helping you reach your goals.

Resource ingenuity

Accelerate recruitment with unparalleled data sources and unique models such as, virtual trials or laboratory testing sites. 

When you choose Covance Medical Device and Diagnostic Solutions, you gain a specialized team of scientific and regulatory professionals with experience in a vast array of clinical areas ready to provide guidance, insights and advice to help you accelerate your device development while avoiding common pitfalls.  

Plus, you have access to an even richer, more powerful collective of medical device consulting and global contract research resources – an expanded offering and team made possible through a series of acquisitions to elevate your device development options. Acquisitions in the past five years include: Chiltern, Theorem, PMI, RCRI and ENVIGO.  

  • Covance drug development enables uniquely integrated combination product programs.
  • LabCorp diagnostics – our parent company brings in vitro diagnostics development and laboratory testing sites. 

New thinking, all within the realms of possibility for today’s changing world.   

Covance medical device capabilities


Every medical device and diagnostic product is different. Whether you need a partner for every phase of development or just one study, Covance Medical Device and Diagnostic Solutions can meet the goals for your next breakthrough. 

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