Go from Idea to Commercialization with
Expanded Device and Diagnostic Solutions

Expanded solutions for medical devices. 
Designed Around You® experience. 
All from one company, Covance.

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Now you can propel your medical device or in vitro diagnostic (IVD) development initiative forward with an integrated development program that moves you through all phases of your device development journey—seamlessly.  

“Innovators in the medical device and diagnostics space can benefit from a totally integrated approach to product development. Tapping in to expertise in these areas can yield a fit-for-purpose development plan delivered efficiently with high quality,” says Oren Cohen, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at Covance.

Today Covance announced its expanded device and diagnostics solution that is making it all possible. 


“By integrating the core strengths of Covance and LabCorp and by uniquely expanding our portfolio with the recent acquisitions of Chiltern and Preclinical Medevice Innovations (PMI), we have transformed our device and diagnostics solutions to make it easier for our clients to move from concept to commercialization with one dedicated device development partner” explains Steve Street, Senior Vice President for Early Development at Covance.

The newly expanded device and diagnostics portfolio will now be integrated under the Covance brand name, for a comprehensive offering.


More possibilities for you

  • Comprehensive clinical laboratory and diagnostic insight: Combine your diagnostic analysis, assay development, ssPMA insight, specialty laboratory services and direct-to-patient access needs through the power of LabCorp.
  • Global clinical trial network: Gain critical clinical trial, regulatory and study management experience to successfully manage your device trials across all risk classifications and global approval pathways.
  • Specialized experience for complex clinical trials and post-market medical device studies: Leverage more than 30 years of Chiltern experience from external, implantable and active-implantable devices to primary devices for orthopedic, oncologic and cardiovascular indications.
  • Work on your therapeutic compound and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) at the same time. Benefit from integrated biomarker identification, assay feasibility and validation while moving your device development forward. 
  • Preclinical and experimental surgery: Add experimental and cadaver surgery, GLP and non-GLP studies (toxicology; metabolism, pharmacokinetics) or physician and sales training—it’s all possible through our expanded preclinical medical solution (formerly PMI) options.
  • Commercialization and real-world evidence studies: Enjoy integration with the market access team at Covance to prepare for commercialization and post-market studies, including regulatory, pharmacovigilance and patient support services.

Designed Around You®—from bench to post-market

You’ll find advanced expertise with a personalized relationship experience. “Designed Around You® molds a tailored preclinical and clinical program, and then goes further to ensure that aspects such as communications, governance and payment schedules are aligned with each client’s unique requirements,” says Street.

Each client experience is tailored to that company’s strategy, therapeutic indication and medical device or diagnostic goals. Cohen concludes that “Designed Around You is our trial management approach that ensures we address each client’s needs holistically.”


Begin your Designed Around You® device journey today