Emerging Pharma Companies

As a smaller, nimbler company, you need a resourceful, flexible collaborator who will provide innovative solutions, proactively identify potential issues and reveal opportunities for your development program. We will closely partner with your team to deliver the expertise you require and help ensure the success of your program.

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Resources and insights at your fingertips.

We cater to the unique needs of our biotech and emerging pharma clients. Last year we collaborated with more than 500 small-to-midsize pharma and biotech companies, offering our experience, insights and solutions across the R&D spectrum to enhance the value of their molecules.

Maximizing the value of your asset:

  • Early Phase Development Solutions: Maximize asset value, combining perspectives in safety, efficacy, quality and commercial potential to quickly reach decision points.

  • Covance MarketPlace: Connect with companies that are interested in licensing, selling or purchasing molecules.

  • Market access strategy: Develop a tailored market access strategy to demonstrate product value to key stakeholders.

Navigating the complexities of development:

  • Lead Optimization: Accelerate your candidate selection with integrated safety and efficacy solutions.

  • Biologics: Expedite your biologics development with help from our dedicated biologics molecule management team.

  • Regulatory: Increase your chances of success with guidance from our global regulatory experts.

Solutions for speed and cost efficiencies — tailored for you.

It is critical to achieve milestones quickly and efficiently. At Covance, we’ve designed a lean approach to deliver competitive budgets and provide unique pricing and contractual solutions to address your changing needs. Combined with our customized solutions, we can help you increase ROI by making key decisions sooner. 

Delivering critical insights as your proactive partner.

As your drug development partner, we are an extension of your team and take pride in being the only drug development company that can deliver a molecule from lead optimization through commercialization. Whether your goal is sale of your molecule prior to phase 1, or full commercialization, we can help you make it happen. Working alongside our scientific experts, we’ll keep you informed and provide unique perspectives throughout your desired process. Find out how together we can set strategy, design protocols, manage operations and deliver your results.   

Shaping new possibilities through innovation.

We admire the highly innovative nature of biotech firms. Similarly, we work to bring new and pioneering therapies to market by anticipating tomorrow’s needs. You can rely on our established expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas, such as oncology, ophthalmology, neuroscience and inflammation to transform your data into actionable insights. Learn more about our full range of solutions and discover how we can serve as your innovation partner.