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Simplify your work – stay focused on your clients

Gain insights – help your clients reach decision points faster

Engage specialized experts and technology – provide your clients with fit-for-purpose solutions

Begin a unique collaboration that connects you and your client to a world of advanced study expertise, insight and specialized solutions. Whether it’s one study, a multi-phase drug development program or project management support – the consultant connection hits the mark with customized offerings designed to make your job as a consultant easier, while successfully progressing your clients to their drug development destination.

Simplify your work – stay focused on your client

Proactively keeping up with the latest developments and changes in drug development can be challenging.  Sometimes your clients’ programs demand additional resources, specialized expertise or unique regulatory insights. That’s when you can turn to your drug development support team at Covance to enhancing your consulting service and your clients’ programs.

 From aligning a dedicated program manager to manage logistics for your portfolio of clients - to connecting you with a world of thousands of specialists that can make recommendations for assays, issue resolution or regulatory strategy – the consultant connection is focused on simplifying your job, keeping you up-to-date and driving the success of your clients program.  

Gain insights – help your clients reach decision points faster

Now, you can reach milestones faster and with more confidence, leveraging a rich history of drug development.  You set the program goals and key decision points.


From single projects to comprehensive solutions, you’ll find support for any size program. From early development to post-marketing studies – its end-to-end drug development – with flexibility.

Engage specialized experts and technology – provide your clients with fit-for-purpose solutions

Experience things differently.  You’re now collaborating with an experienced drug development partner, while efficiently serving your client. We take a two tiered approach – providing resources for you and top science for your clients. 

You’ll benefit from an experienced team that’s dedicated to helping you to be efficient while delivering a distinct, holistic view of your client’s best path forward.  Your clients benefit from the rich experience, efficient timelines and scientific innovations they’ll receive in drug development.

Connecting you to complete drug development resources

Now, with access to a deep portfolio of services, ongoing project communications and status updates, and expertise spanning the entire development continuum, your focus remains on your client.  From a specific solution or single study, to an entire drug development program – you and your clients are embedded in a history of end-to-end development experience for gaining insights and continuity to the next steps

Addressing your challenges with proven approaches

Clients rely on you to provide expertise and strategic insight. Think of Covance as an extra asset in your toolkit – for specialized guidance at any stage of drug development.

We’re ready to help you solidify your client’s focus and add value to their drug development journey.

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