Chiltern, a Covance company is now
Covance Clinical-Biotech

One name in clinical trials.
Expanded solutions for biotechs.
Same Designed Around You® experience.

“More than a year ago, we acquired Chiltern and launched our dedicated clinical trial solution to meet the unique requirements of nimble biotech firms,” explains John Ratliff, CEO, Covance. “Today, more than 1,000 biotech ventures each year access our combined solutions and expertise. With an increasing number of biotech clients taking advantage of our integrated drug development solution to move from nonclinical to clinical phases, it only makes sense that they want to work with a single partner to make their journey simpler,” says Ratliff. “Consolidating to one company name – Covance – helps simplify the transition into the clinic even more for our biotech clients.” 

John Ratliff, Covance CEO

Designed Around You® is our successful trial management approach that we adopted from Chiltern. It has been elevated to a new level with a full complement of biotech-distinct solutions from Covance – a specialized portfolio that biotechs can tap into to propel their program forward.

This makes it possible for biotech firms to integrate services, achieve continuity with a devoted team and seamlessly reach the end-milestones they aspire to achieve – all with Covance. “The ability to deliver candidate-to-clinic drug development solutions is something no other CRO can offer, and the foundational building-blocks of our Designed Around You® promise,” said Ratliff.

Tailoring solutions to meet unique clinical needs

Through our Designed Around You® trial management approach, every client is assured of a unique clinical experience that is custom fit. “Designed Around You® molds a tailored clinical program, and then goes further to personalize our relationship, ensuring such aspects as communications, governance, contracting or payment schedules will work for each client’s unique situation,” says Bill Hanlon, Group President, Clinical Development & Commercialization Services at Covance. “The additional beauty of this approach is that it flexes to fit the requirements of various size clients with various size pipelines – from the complex to the simple,” continues Hanlon. 

Addressing the needs of biotechs

Designed Around You® personalizes every clinical trial experience. Covance Clinical-Biotech addresses the need for flexibility and collaboration. Covance Clinical-Biotech is part of our portfolio of drug development solutions distinctly designed for nimble and progressive biotechs – that makes conducting a single study or integrating a full program, simple.

“Each client’s molecule is unique; so, their clinical trial has to be too,” says Hanlon. “From having access to the right data, exceptional insights and recruitment plan – to making sure the business aspects of contracting, communications and governance work for their team – it’s all integral to the final outcome. That’s the essence of Designed Around You®,” concludes Hanlon.

Now, you’re invited to experience Designed Around You®.

Bill Hanlon
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