Covance Will Soon Be Labcorp Drug Development

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Clinical Trial Connect: Streamlining Patient Recruitment to Speed COVID-19 Clinical Trials

With many COVID-19 studies seeking patients, often within very tight recruitment windows, Covance sought an integrated, patient-centric approach to optimize enrollment into outpatient treatment and vaccine studies in a way that would be easy for patients. Covance created COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect, a website to help people find information about how to participate in U.S.-based COVID-19 studies. As the drug development arm of global life sciences company LabCorp, Covance has direct access to one of the largest sources of lab data in the world. This includes more than 150 million patients and U.S. hospitals, health care systems and accountable care organizations. Through the power of the LabCorp database, Clinical Trial Connect allows for a constantly replenishing pool of patients participating in COVID-19 testing who are also interested in clinical research participation. Read the case study to learn more about the overwhelming response COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect has received.