Covance is a learning organization. That means we’re skilled at creating, acquiring, sharing and transferring knowledge. For you, it means the chance to gain a great deal of expertise in a short amount of time. Experience our learning culture through one of three programs tailored to students pursuing degrees in STEM disciplines.

JCRA - Japan Clinical Research Assistant


This internship is a fantastic career opportunity for Japanese-American students who are fluent in English and Japanese, are majoring in a STEM+H field (science, technology, engineering, math or healthcare) and are interested in moving to Japan to start their careers.

Global Internships


Giving you exposure to subject matter experts, this program builds your business acumen and reveals the range of possible career options. At the same time, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of our dedication to continuous learning, innovation and scientific advancement.

MSc Biopharmaceutical Development


Place yourself at the forefront of an emerging class of medicine with this unique professional training program that has been co-designed with Covance. You will be taught by expert industry professionals and academics with the opportunity to undertake a 12-month paid placement at a leading pharmaceutical company in the UK.



US Internship Program

See where you can benefit from real industry experience.

UK Internship Program

Discover where you can complete your student placement as part of our Internship Program in the UK.

Asia Pacific Internship Program

Our Asia Pacific Internship Program runs throughout the year. Find out where.


Make the most of your STEM degree. Investigate our many challenging career options for graduates.  


Team Perspectives

“The team and everyone who I've met at Covance have provided me with a very encouraging environment. Even as an intern I felt like my voice mattered.”

“Working as a team of interns in order to raise funds for such a meaningful cause [CARE Nepal] has been truly rewarding and has made my time at Covance a very unique experience.”

“I think Covance did a great job of giving the interns an experience that is extremely valuable.  We had great mentorship and projects that will give us a leg up professionally.”