Each year, hundreds of new graduates choose to begin their careers at Covance.
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We recruit top talent from universities around the world. If you're looking to grow in a fast-paced, client-focused environment, we can help you achieve great things.

Clinical Research Assistant positions at Covance are ideal for recent college/university graduates and those with limited clinical experience. Becoming a Clinical Research Assistant is the first step toward your career as a Covance Clinical Research Associate.

Working for Covance is not the typical research job. In one of our toxicology labs, you’ll enjoy hands-on work that directly impacts the quality of human life. Covance Study Technicians manage, interpret and report results for studies conducted to determine safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.



Student Mentorship Program

Spend 9-12 stimulating months learning from experts.

Internship Program

Advance science while furthering your skills.

Spring Break Job Shadow Program

Build business knowledge as well as lasting networks.

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US Internship Program

See where you can benefit from real industry experience.

UK Internship Program

Discover where you can complete your student placement as part of our Internship Program in the UK.

Asia Pacific Internship Program

Our Asia Pacific Internship Program runs throughout the year. Find out where.


Team Perspectives

“The team and everyone who I've met at Covance have provided me with a very encouraging environment. Even as an intern I felt like my voice mattered.”

“Working as a team of interns in order to raise funds for such a meaningful cause [CARE Nepal] has been truly rewarding and has made my time at Covance a very unique experience.”

“I think Covance did a great job of giving the interns an experience that is extremely valuable.  We had great mentorship and projects that will give us a leg up professionally.”