Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

Covance is committed to ensuring the welfare of animals used in research.  Animal research is critical to developing new, safe and effective medicines that save the lives of people and animals. At Covance, we treat the animals we use in biomedical research humanely and with compassion and respect. We also adhere to strict standards of care and ethical principles in providing for their welfare.

“The health and wellness of the animals in our care is of primary concern to Covance, from our senior executives to the leaders and individuals working directly with animals at our facilities around the world.

In fact, Covance has an entire team, led by its vice president of animal welfare and comparative medicine, dedicated to implementing and monitoring animal welfare standards company-wide and to ensuring that Covance and its vendors treat research animals with the respect and compassion they deserve, every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you are a Covance partner, public official, journalist or private citizen, the fact that you are visiting this website tells me that animal welfare is important to you. We’ve developed this website with you in mind. We want to provide you with more information about how animals are used in our research at Covance and to share our commitment to ensuring their welfare.

 Please take a few moments to visit the rest of the site. You’ll see why animal research is so critical to improving human … and animal health." 

—  John Ratliff, Chief Executive Officer