Animal Welfare

Many lifesaving advances in medicine and safety of the last century have drawn from the scientific discoveries of animal research and development. Examples include treatments for AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart-related ailments, injury-induced trauma, and many other maladies. Today, animal testing remains absolutely crucial to saving more human and animal lives and to Covance's mission to help our clients bring safe and effective new medical advances to those who need them.

As one of the world's leading providers of preclinical drug development services and other services to advance safety, we accept both the legal and the moral obligation to be a leader in assuring that animals in our care are treated in accordance with all applicable rules and with high standards of respect and compassion. In addition to law and ethics, this obligation is scientifically important because failure to meet these rules and standards can undermine the validity of scientific research. Toward that end, all of us at Covance will follow these principles:

  1. We will treat animals in our care humanely and with respect. We honor the contribution all research animals purposely bred and used within Covance make to lifesaving advances and will treat these animals with the respect that they deserve.  We will work, consistent with the study protocol and good science, to minimize discomfort or stress to animals in our care.
  2. We will follow all applicable laws and regulations for animal treatment and will require our suppliers to adhere to the same standards.
  3. We will employ alternative scientific methods to animal use where appropriate and consistent with applicable regulations and scientific validity.
  4. We will take steps to ensure that we and our processes meet these regulations and standards. We will train co-workers who handle animals on proper procedures and techniques and will apply appropriate controls to ensure that these procedures and techniques and this Code of Respect are followed. We will encourage our co-workers to report any misconduct or failure to adhere to this Code of Respect.
  5. If we learn that any Covance employee has failed to follow this Code of Respect, we will take appropriate remedial and disciplinary action.

The Employees of Covance
Updated: August 1, 2013