Code of Respect

Animal welfare is of primary concern for all of us at Covance, from our CEO to our employees at facilities around the world. 

Our Code of Respect requires employees to:

  • Treat animals in our care humanely and with respect

  • Follow all applicable laws and regulations for animal treatment and ensure our suppliers adhere to these same standards 

  • Employ alternative scientific methods to animal research where appropriate

  • Provide training to employees who handle animals on the proper procedures and techniques


Every employee working with animals is required to follow the Code of Respect and is subject to review, appropriate retraining or disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

You can read our Code of Respect here.

Employee representatives from around the world contribute to our Global 3Rs Working Group, fostering respect and compassion for research animals. The group communicates directly with fellow employees to reiterate the clear links between excellent animal welfare, great science and commercial success. The group also conducts our Global 3Rs Recognition Program.

Covance has a global policy that allows employees to submit animal welfare concerns anonymously and requires such reports to be thoroughly and impartially investigated.

Our Global 3Rs Recognition Program celebrates employees who have developed innovative ways to improve animal welfare and research results. It also establishes role models within the company. Winners of our Global 3Rs Recognition Awards draw on their inventiveness and scientific expertise to help ensure high-quality research, while finding new and more efficient ways to improve how we use and care for research animals.

We support nonprofit organizations that focus on animal welfare. These include:

  • wildlife rehabilitation centers

  • groups that provide service dogs, equine-assisted therapy, and search and rescue dogs