Xcellerate Case Management

Xcellerate® Case Management increases your efficiency, productivity, compliance and quality of your pharmacovigilance and device vigilance operations across the clinical and post-marketing landscape.

Xcellerate Case Management encompasses a portfolio of automation tools ranging from basic to AI-enabled, facilitating our touchless ICSR management vision. These tools eliminate manual processes, identify patterns in unstructured data to automate the entire product vigilance process from case receipt to submission.


Xcellerate Case Management is a transformative, integrated innovation technology platform that automates your case intake and processing operations to seamlessly manage transfer of safety data through multiple sources and diverse incoming data formats. The tools provide transparent data sharing and have shown demonstrable improvements in case processing quality and speed. Through our RPA, cognitive and artificial intelligence solutions, Xcellerate Case Management facilitates our touchless ICSR management vision by filling in the gaps in coverage left by traditional safety services through the ability to assimilate large volumes of cloud-based data and map patterns, in order to effectively predict ADRs. 

Benefits of Xcellerate Case Management:

  • Maximized Efficiency. Optimized Compliance. Proactive Risk Minimization. 
  • RPA and AI enabled to achieve minimal touch, cognitive intelligence and our One Touch vision
  • Highly customizable and database agnostic-bolt-on solutions
  • Automated case intake and processing and reporting submission
  • Attended and unattended modes of operations for RPA solutions
  • Enhanced productivity, quality and compliance


Dinesh Kashturil, Global Client Director at Covance Patient Safety Solutions talks to DIA's Chris Slawecki in their latest podcast that discusses the current and future state of Pharmacovigilance (PV); and how technology and automation are being used to drive operational efficiencies across the PV continuum.

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