Xcellerate Patient Access Toolkit

Xcellerate® Patient Access Toolkit optimizes program efficiency and maximizes patient access to your product by rapidly adjusting programs to respond to evolving market conditions.

Xcellerate Patient Support Toolkit features modular architecture that makes it both quick to deploy and highly flexible, enabling rapid program alteration throughout the life of your product. With Xcellerate Patient Support Toolkit, different features can easily be added or removed, enabling rapid integration of new technologies as appropriate to individual programs, optimizing program efficiency.

Market Access and Product Marketing professionals need to balance the need for program efficiency with program effectiveness, adjusting programs to maximize uptake and adherence, whilst avoiding program failures associated with inefficiencies in claims handling between patient, provider and payer, inadequate adherence monitoring, program inflexibility, poor design, lack of real-time insights, or an over-reliance on inappropriate automation technology.

Xcellerate Patient Support Toolkit is a market leading access platform. Its modular architecture makes it both quick to deploy and highly flexible, enabling rapid alteration throughout the life of the product with minimal disruption.

Its design enables a wide range of proven automation enhancements to be incorporated, including OCR, eBV, ePA and eSignature verification, with back-office administrative assistance from Covance’s unique Global Service Delivery capabilities. 

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Benefits of Xcellerate Patient Support Toolkit:

  • Agile: Flexible, modular architecture permits rapid configuration and alteration of patient support programs to quickly deploy and evolve with the market
  • Efficient: Advanced workflow engine minimizes operator demands
  • Automated: Efficiency is optimized through a wide range of automation technologies including OCR, eBV, ePA eSignature, pharmacy, provider and payer system integration
  • Insightful: Near real-time reporting and data analytics to drive informed decisions
  • Experienced: Leverage 30+ years’ experience of design and program delivery in a wide range of complex therapy areas