Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard

The Xcellerate® Portfolio Dashboard delivers a comprehensive view of the health of a portfolio of studies at any desirable level of aggregation for increased oversight and collaboration.

The Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard allows you to track progress, gain oversight of CRO performance and view summaries of operational data across a single study, a program of studies or your entire portfolio by delivering vital near real-time* information on trial performance and KPIs at the site, study, country and regional levels. Through the Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard, you can easily review information across an entire portfolio for effective operational oversight.

Clinical trials can move quickly toward the next milestone, and your team needs to stay up-to-date with the latest operational metrics and make informed decisions on how best to proceed.

The Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard provides study-level metrics for KPIs, milestone performance, cycle time reporting, key deliverables, past performance and risk across your study portfolio. You may also view levels of aggregation including therapeutic area, clinical indication, phase, program, or any arbitrary grouping of studies such as business unit or sponsor. 

With the Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard, you can filter pages on key study attributes, sort and search table information, hover over graphs and charts for more details, use advance filters through marking points in graphs or charts, and export information to a Microsoft Excel file.

*The Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard is refreshed daily from the Covance Xcellerate Operational Data Warehouse.

Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard: KPIs

Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard: KPIs

Benefits of the Xcellerate Portfolio Dashboard Tool: 

  • Agnostic: integrates into existing trial management source systems
  • Configurable: offers ability to create tracking for very specific metrics when unforeseen circumstances arise (e.g. COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Easy-to-use: provides user-centric web interface
  • Effective: allows fast access to critical information with visualizations for metrics reporting and trending
  • Efficient: accelerates issue resolution through an advanced workflow engine