Xcellerate CRA Dashboard

Xcellerate® CRA Dashboard improves site quality and site performance through monitoring efficiency by delivering critical site and study data to on-the-go Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) via mobile device.

Xcellerate CRA Dashboard provides a holistic view of site level performance, empowering CRAs to become collaborative partners and proactively identify and address potential issues before they threaten the success of a study. With Xcellerate CRA Dashboard, CRAs can better manage their workload and save time with direct, secure access to pertinent information. The ability for CRAs to rapidly review critical data leads to a reduction in the number of days that issues are open and to an increase in monitoring strategy compliance.

Xcellerate CRA Dashboard’s impact upon efficiency includes:

  • 18% reduction in site management time by minimizing day-to-day complexity of site management
  • 22% reduction in routine monitoring visits (RMV) by consolidating disparate data streams into a single view for efficient RMV preparation

CRAs serve a crucial role in clinical studies by ensuring the protection of study patients, verifying the integrity of collected data and proactively mitigating study risks. Supporting a trial as a CRA requires interacting with multiple people at investigative research sites, relying on various data tracking systems and managing the volume, variety and velocity of data, which are activities that can represent time-consuming and often cumbersome processes.

The Xcellerate CRA Dashboard leverages the clinical analytics capabilities of the Xcellerate suite of products and presents consolidated data at the fingertips of your CRAs through both online and mobile applications.


“With a few clicks, the CRA Dashboard gives me an idea of how my sites are performing, and which sites or areas need more attention. The red flags and the graphs guide me in performing site management in a more efficient way.”

Benefits of the Xcellerate CRA Dashboard Tool: 

  • Agnostic: integrates into existing trial management source systems
  • Compliant: supports adherence to ICH GCP and other guidelines through audit trails and history tracking
  • Easy-to-use: provides user-centric web and mobile interfaces
  • Effective: allows fast and secure access to critical information for rapid review of data points
  • Efficient: accelerates issue resolution through an advanced workflow engine