Xcellerate Clinical Data Warehouse

As a novel solution for aggregating clinical data within and across multiple trials, the Xcellerate® Clinical Data Warehouse enables the integration and mapping of massive volumes of clinical patient data from source systems quickly, reliably and with less cost.

Designed as a robust foundation for real-time monitoring of clinical trials and highly scalable data loading and querying capabilities, the Xcellerate Clinical Data Warehouse flexibly supports medical, statistical and data review, safety signal detection and other analytical and reporting needs. All patient data is stored in a modern NoSQL architecture, creating an ideal framework for cross-trial analysis and translational research.

As the quantity of clinical trial data has increased exponentially, sponsors need to streamline the number of data repositories and obtain complete end-to-end clinical data management, analysis and integration. The Xcellerate Clinical Data Warehouse was designed to address the issues tied to data overload and to allow for the quick extraction of pertinent information in order to drive decision-making with efficient data integration from virtually any source. 

Benefits of the Xcellerate Clinical Data Warehouse Tool:  

  • Agnostic: integrates into existing trial management source systems
  • Compliant: supports adherence to ICH GCP and other guidelines through audit trails and history tracking
  • Easy-to-use: refreshes all data daily and automatically updates data into various systems
  • Effective: provides fast access to critical data used throughout the system in various user types 
  • Efficient: combines all data from various systems to avoid having to look for data within systems; accelerates issue resolution through advanced workflow engine 
  • Future-proof: scales to current and future data volumes via state-of-the-art architecture 
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