Xcellerate Patient Intelligence

Xcellerate® Patient Intelligence enables the delivery of the “Voice of the Patient” to support the design of more patient centric trials to improve protocol design, patient recruitment and retention strategies.

Design protocols around actual feedback from more than 65,000 global patients from the general population living with targeted diseases to make studies less burdensome for patients and caregivers.

Xcellerate Patient Intelligence provides actual patient feedback from over 30 countries across 50 indications, including information such as the distance patients are willing to travel to participate in a clinical trial, concerns about clinical trial participation, the amount of time they are willing to spend each week participating in a clinical trial, and other considerations that impact patient participation and retention.

There’s a great deal of room for improvement in the study planning and design process that can positively impact a clinical trial’s progress. One key challenge is the burden placed on sites and patients. Due to lack of understanding of the impact of procedures and visit schedules on patients and sites, protocol design is often the root cause of these issues. 

With our Xcellerate Patient Intelligence analytics, we can hone in on specific sets of patient parameters that characterize a target audience identified in a protocol. We can drill down for feedback by geography, therapeutic area, diagnosis code, gender, age, and reported health status to match the eligible patient profile as closely as possible. Covance also builds custom-designed research to answer specific questions associated with a particular protocol and to capture patient insights throughout study conduct.

“Nobody on the market has this depth of insights related to why patients would/would not join a clinical trial. This is a differentiator and extremely innovative”

(VP, Top 5 Pharma)

Benefits of Xcellerate Patient Intelligence:

  • Protocol optimization: fits the protocol to the patient, not the patient to the protocol, for improved recruitment and retention
  • Improved patient experience: reduces burden on study participants and their caregivers
  • Informed decision making: improves chances for a successful trial
  • Greater predictability: identifies potential issues before they occur in a study
  • Timely: facilitates quick turnaround of insights 
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