Clinical Development Life Cycle Management

Reaching the market isn’t the end of the road for your molecule. Covance Life Cycle Management (LCM) solutions ensure your molecule’s potential is fully realized.

Maximize the Value of your Molecule Through its Life Cycle.

  • Address your post-approval regulatory requirements

  • Establish and extend the value of your molecule

  • Defend your market position

Photo of a Covance scientist working with a beaker containing drug samples.

You need to maximize the value of your molecule through its life cycle.

Our dedicated Life Cycle Management (LCM) team is ready to partner with you no matter what is driving your needs. Together, we can achieve success.

Uniquely positioned to deliver on your life cycle management needs.

Reaching the market is exciting and only the beginning of your molecules journey. In fact, your life cycle journey starts way before your molecule is even launched. Covance Life Cycle Management solutions ensure you stay ready for all regulatory and competitive challenges so you can establish and extend your molecules value. Covance combines unique perspectives and precision delivery to help you proactively plan your molecule’s path to success from the start. Our dedicated staff diligently maintains the course every step of the way as we move forward.

Life Cycle Management at Covance

We know what really matters – translating data to value communications.

  • We understand that life cycle management does not stop with generating data or evidence for your molecule, but is ultimately about bringing benefit to the patients. Translating the data and communicating its value to payers and physicians is critical so patients can have access to your drug and get reimbursed for treatment.
  • We connect with key opinion leaders and practitioners across the world to help you create and communicate value.
  • We recognize market differences and know how to build a value story globally, with experience to customize it for your local market needs.

Maximize the value of your molecule through its life cycle.

Whether you are addressing a regulatory/clinical need, anticipating a business opportunity or reacting to a market event, we understand your challenges. Our portfolio of services provides you with the right solution.

Deliver consistent results through tailored methodologies.

Our deep strength in Health Economics Outcomes Research, PRO instrument development, clinical epidemiology, post-marketing commitments, adherence and risk management and our access to real world and unique data sources allows us to customize solutions that deliver the results you need. Streamlined Electronic Data Capture platforms provide high-quality cost-effective data.

Develop a drug life cycle management strategy built on strong insights.

We recognize the challenges you face right up to market access and communicating your product’s value to diverse stakeholders.  As your partner, we ensure you have the right strategy to strengthen your market position and maximize your ROI. Engineer your molecule’s continued success.