To provide you with 24/7 access to your study data, Covance pioneered data access through LabLink+, a web-based laboratory test monitoring and result reporting tool.

LabLink+ saves your study teams time by quickly and efficiently providing them with comprehensive study data.  Once your specimens arrive at a Covance laboratory, tracking through LabLink+, begins whether they are resulted and analyzed, or stored. Results are updated continually in near-real time.

LabLink+ offers eight standard reports and the ability to create your own customized reports via the ad-hoc query builder. Because LabLink+ provides flexible options like the ability save your report criteria selections and the option to schedule reports to run automatically based upon a schedule you set, your report is available when and how you need it.

At Covance, we understand your need for confidentiality and security. LabLink+ utilizes RSA's SecurID® authentication, 128-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL) data encryption, dual firewalls, and multiple access levels to prevent unauthorized access to the system and your data.

LabLink+ can be accessed online and is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox web-browsers.

LabLink+ Access

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