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Because Covance equips you with flexible online monitoring and reporting tools, your study teams can track your study data from anywhere in the world, saving time and reducing compliance risk.

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Covance provides you with complimentary, web-based information on kit inventory and expiration, investigator, subject, subject visit, test, demographic and enrollment, and specimen management through Lablink+, our remote data access tool.  Once your specimens arrive at our laboratory, tracking through Lablink+ begins whether they are resulted and analyzed or stored. Results are updated continually in near-real time in Lablink+. Learn more.


StudyTracker is a proven Internet-based study management tool developed to provide you with access to your toxicology, bioanalytical and metabolism data, along with study scheduling, communications and valuable reference information, to make better decisions – faster. Learn more.

Study Viewer

Covance Immunology Services provides you with complimentary, secure web based access to all of your study data via Study Viewer, a 24 hour data management system. By logging into Study Viewer, you will have the ability to access all of your study data including study schedules, completed and billed procedures and real time tracking of all shipments. Learn more.


Trial Tracker is an online clinical team communication application that gives you total transparency and greater control of study performance, enabling improved communication and team effectiveness. Accessible to both yourself and your Covance project team, the Trial Tracker reports key trial metrics and is a valuable tool for site management and exception reporting. Learn more.

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