The central nervous system (CNS) is the most complex organ system in the body.  Whether you are investigating new drugs to treat CNS disorders or to answer regulatory concerns about the effects of a chemical on the CNS, Covance can provide the expertise to assist you.

Covance has extensive experience in safety assessment ensuring your studies are conducted in a manner that will meet the rigors of the most stringent scientific and regulatory scrutiny.  Our facilities in the US and Europe encompass a number of senior staff who have been active in various areas of neurological research for many years making Covance a recognized leader in the development, optimization, and implementation of new techniques for the evaluation of pharmaceutical and chemical products.  Study protocols are based upon established guidelines, including OECD, OPPTS (EPA), EC, MAFF, and ICH.  Covance also has a comprehensive historical database to provide context for evaluating potential study observations.

We offer a wide range of techniques for neuroassessment including:

  • EPA acute neurotoxicity battery
  • Subchronic neurotoxicity
  • Behavioral testing
  • Developmental neurotoxicity
  • Nerve conductance test
  • EthoVisionTM