The immune system is a particularly unique and challenging therapeutic target. Covance has the scientific expertise to help you assess immune system function through a broad array of immunotoxicology services.

Many new drug entities have been developed to curtail or harness various components of the immune system. Other new drugs have been shown to induce unintended alterations of immune functions. Several regulatory guidances have been developed over the years through the FDA, OECD and ICH (PDF), among others. Immunotoxicology assays are also being utilized as biomarkers to monitor pharmaceutical efficacy in preclinical species. Many of these analytes provide the unique opportunity for monitoring in both preclinical and clinical study designs.

Covance offers the following immunotoxicology services:

  • Immunophenotyping assays
  • T-cell dependent antibody response assays
  • Natural killer cell cytotoxicity assays
  • Lymphocyte proliferation assays
  • Cytokine analysis
  • Local lymph node assays
  • Buehler and guinea pig maximization assays
  • Tissue cross-reactivity
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Host resistance assays
  • Delayed type hypersensitivity
  • Rodent anaphylaxis models
  • ELISA and other immunochemistry assays
  • Vaccine testing
  • Monoclonal antibody derivation and production
  • Neutrophil and monocyte function
  • Platelet function

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