Covance provides a complete range of genetic toxicology assays for the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries assessing genetic damage caused by chemicals and the response to this damage.  Our scientists have been conducting the standard battery of genotoxicity assays for much longer than there have been established guidelines for the chemical (OECD) and pharmaceutical (ICH) industries.  We conduct hundreds of assays to meet regulatory guidelines and GLP standards each year.

We offer a full complement of in vitro toxicology services and in vivo genetic toxicology tests to meet our clients' requirements including:

Hazard identification (in vitro):

  • Ames test
  • Gene mutation assay
    • Mouse lymphoma L5178Y cells, TK locus (agar or microtiter)
    • CHO / mouse lymphoma L5178Y cells, HGPRT locus
  • Chromosomal aberration
    • Human lymphocytes, CHO, and CHL
  • Micronucleus assay
    • Human lymphocytes, TK6, CHO, V79, CHL, mouse lymphoma L5178Y cells
  • Comet assay
  • SHE cell transformation assay
  • Unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS) test
  • Non-disjunction (aneuploidy) testing using FISH or antikinetochore
  • Photomutagenicity tests
    • Ames, chromosome aberrations in CHO cells
  • Cytotoxicity and phototoxicity assays
  • DNA binding/adducts
  • Clinical trial and occupational cytogenetics monitoring
  • EPISKINTM assay
  • EpiDermTM assay
  • Eye irritation assay (BCOP) 

Hazard evaluation and risk assessment (in vivo):

  • Micronucleus assay
    • Rodent bone marrow or liver, peripheral blood
  • Comet assay
  • Unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS) test
  • Rodent bone marrow cytogenetics
  • Transgenic rodent mutation assays (MutaTMMouse)
  • Dominant lethal assay
  • DNA binding/adducts

Service Profiles

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