The evaluation of a compound's effect on reproductive and developmental functions requires both high levels of scientific expertise and significant specialized resources.  Covance's developmental and reproductive toxicology services provide clients with access to world class scientific staff who are knowledgeable in the unique and inherent difficulties of development and reproduction in both small and large animals, and specialized resources at our Centers of Excellence across the globe. 

  • ICH, EPA, FDA, OECD, MHLW, EMEA regulatory experience
  • Extensive in-house historical control database
  • Species available:
    • Rodents
      • Mouse (CD-1)
      • Rat (SD, Han Wistar)
    • Non-rodents
      • Rabbit (New Zealand White, Dutch Belted)
      • Nonhuman primate (cynomolgus, marmoset)
  • Full range of study designs
  • Special evaluation techniques
  • Comprehensive routes of administration
    • Dermal
    • Gavage (Oral)
    • Infusion (continuous or intermittent)
    • Intraperitoneal
    • Intravenous
    • Oral (diet)
    • Rectal
    • Subcutaneous
    • Vaginal
    • Other (specialized to your study)

20th Primate Symposium

Primate Biologics Research at a Crossroads

Journal Article

Download to read the article, "Effects of Social Housing of Sexually Mature Male Cynomolgus Monkeys During General and Reproductive Toxicity Evaluation."


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