For drugs intended for intravenous administration in humans, IV infusion studies in one or more toxicologically relevant species is an important part of preclinical safety assessment. Covance is a leader in the conduct of GLP infusion services and has the expertise to conduct continuous, intermittent and slow bolus infusion studies in both large and small animals.  Our scientific staff has a long history of developing novel infusion capabilities for conducting toxicology studies across a variety of study designs.

Study type:

  • General toxicology (acute, subchronic, chronic)
  • Genotoxicity
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART)
  • Drug Metabolism

Covance offers the following infusion capabilities: 

  • Ambulatory and tethered infusion systems using:
    • Indwelling catheters
    • Percutaneous catheters
    • Vascular access ports
    • Tail vein infusion
    • Ear vein infusion
  • Surgically implanted pumps
    • Osmotic pumps
    • Micro infusion pumps
  • Special techniques
    • Intrathecal
    • Intraintestinal
    • Intracerebroventricular


To learn more about our intravenous infusion services, download scientific posters on the following topics: