Research Models

Access high-quality research animal models to answer essential study questions with Covance. Your research depends on having models available when it‘s time for study start. Backed by AAALAC accredited facilities, a complete staff of full-time veterinarians, and AALAS certified technicians; Covance is poised to deliver research models bred to the highest industry standards for quality, husbandry, and well-being.


Research Models Catalog 2014 Research Models and Services Brochure
Research Models Rabbit Inquiry Form Rabbit Inquiry Form
Research Models Canine Inquiry Form Canine Inquiry Form
Research Models Nonhuman Primate Inquiry Form Nonhuman Primate Inquiry Form


Regulatory Compliance

  • AAALAC International Accredited
  • OLAW Assured
  • USDA Breeder Licensed
  • USDA Research Registered

Terms and Conditions

All sales of animals by Covance are subject to Covance Research Products Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale. Read the Terms and Conditions here.