Lead Optimization

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Engage Covance early to learn as much as you can about your drug candidates and mitigate risk for early or late development failures. Getting to that go/no-go decision at the earliest possible stage of development conserves your resources and provides more confidence on compounds most likely to advance to commercialization.

State-of-the-art technology. Therapeutic area expertise.

Gain a competitive edge when you employ the cutting edge technology and competent, astute scientific and therapeutic area experience found within Covance. As an industry leader in Lead Optimization Services, Covance offers speed, flexibility and comprehensive services to support and focus your drug discovery efforts with established or customized solutions. The unique ability to integrate efficacy and safety evaluations offers:

  • Improved probability of success
  • Minimization of costs and cycle time
  • Earlier, better development decisions,
  • Opportunities to translate findings from "bench to bedside"

Voice of the Scientist

View several presentations by Covance scientists discussing Drug Discovery: The Interface of Safety and Efficacy Evaluations in Lead Optimization.