Develop a full range of vaccine types and applications with professionals from Covance who understand the challenges and complexities of vaccines as preventative, immunizing or therapeutic agents:

  • Vaccine development
  • Characterization
  • Testing
  • Validation

DNA vaccines

  • Hold promise for revolutionizing human immunization
  • Require extensive testing
    • biodistribution studies

Recombinant protein vaccines

  • Great potential against HIV and other infectious agents
  • Require extensive testing
  • Raw material testing
  • Cell bank testing
  • Monitor bulk harvest
  • Assessment of stability, safety, security and storage

Bacterial vaccines (whole cell or subunit)

  • Characterization and testing challenges
  • Whole cell purity analysis
  • Wide range of specific Covance HPLC and mass spectrometry (MALDI-ToF) methods and techniques for testing
  • Protein characterization for subunit vaccines

Viral vaccines

  • Benefit from advances in recombinant DNA technology
  • Safety enhanced by adventitious viruses and retroviruses testing
  • Require biotechnology testing

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Study Viewer

Case Studies

Click to download case studies on Bioterrorism Vaccine Development and Influenza Vaccine Development.


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