Draw on the Covance experience and full range of small and large scale antibody production services in diverse mouse and rat strains. Live or frozen cells are provided by you to Covance for ascites production. Ascites fluid is an ideal medium for the reliable in vivo production of monoclonal antibodies and Covance has extensive experience working with it for production of monoclonal antibodies.

Scale-up in vitro antibody production is available from Covance in roller bottles or small bioreactors as the final phase of a custom monoclonal project. As an alternative, you may provide an established hybridoma cell line for a production run.

Rely on Covance to provide you with:

  • Mycoplasma testing and decontamination
  • Thaw and expansion of frozen cell lines
  • Cell prep for live cells
  • Isotyping
  • Cell banking/storage

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