Access hybridoma expertise from Covance. Astandard schedule mouse hybridoma project requires 1,800 ug of immunization antigen or 360 µg/mouse for a total of 500 µg of ELISA-screened antigen.

Mouse hybridoma packages (87 days):

  • Immunization
    • 5 Balb/C mice immunized with specific antigen at 3 week intervals (3 immunizations)
    • ELISA-monitored immune response
    • in-house client testing
  • Fusion & screening
    • spleenocyte preparation
    • hybridoma partner fusion
      • P3X63Ag.653
      • ELISA screen of clones
    • select top 30 clones; expand
      • client test with method of choice
  • cryopreserve in duplicate vials for subcloning
    • Cloning
    • select clones
    • identify best antibody producer clone with ELISA
    • confirm media samples from top 10 antibody producing clones
    • cryopreserve 10 clones in duplicate vials for temporary storage selection
    • selection of subclone to be expanded; long term storage
  • Clone stabilization
    • subclone selected clone
    • verify continued antibody production.
    • ELISA screen for all subclones; aliquots to client
    • clone selection for expansion; 10 vials cryopreserved long term storage
  • Monoclonal antibody scale up
    • mouse ascites production
    • monoclonal antibody purification
    Custom Hybridoma Development Packages (standard, enhanced, and optimum).

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