Metabolic Stability, Cyp Induction, Inhibition & Reaction Phenotyping

Gain early insights into the metabolism of your drug candidate while minimizing the use of animals with Covance in vitro metabolism studies. Covance routinely performs in vitro assays, including:

  • CYP450 induction in fresh human hepatocytes (in vitro) and rodent, dog and primate liver (ex vivo)
  • In vitro CYP450 inhibition (IC50 and Ki)
  • Identification of specific CYP450 enzymes involved in the metabolism of the test article
  • Species comparisons of in vitro metabolism in microsomes and hepatocytes
  • Metabolite identification & profiling, including: accurate mass measurement
Case Study
Download a case study on How a Covance in vitro Discovery Reduced the Risk of DDI for a Phase II Trial.
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