With the role of transporters in drug metabolism becoming clearer, combined with the February 2012 FDA Guidance for Industry on Drug Interaction Studies,  there is an increasing regulatory expectation to include transporter assessment in drug development. Covance now offers drug-transporter interaction assessment of the major human transporters key to drug disposition. We offer this assessment in a stably transfected, cell-based format which is regarded as a superior model for reliable, reproducible results. With expert analytical capabilities, scientific staff published in the field and the broadest portfolio of market-leading ADME services, Covance helps you select the best drug candidates and meet the latest expectations of regulatory agencies.

Transporters offered include:

  • OATP1B1
  • OATP1B3
  • OAT1
  • OAT3
  • OCT2
  • OCT1
  • MDR1/ P-gp
  • BCRP


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