Count on timely delivery of accurate release testing results of commercial product or of a development product destined for clinical trials from Covance. Analytical testing issues should not delay product shipping for clinical trials or to patients and when you choose Covance, we ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

Have confidence

As a global leader in GMP-compliant analytical services Covance ensures that you have analytical chemists trained and ready for prompt investigation once testing methodology is transferred.

Flexibility for your schedule

Survey the flexibility with which Covance scientists design, initiate and conduct all aspects of your batch release studies across virtually all dosage forms and delivery technologies.

Make Covance your partner of choice

Expand your resources with the instrumentation and infrastructure capacity Covance maintains and rest assured that with our strong regulatory inspection history, there are no unpleasant surprises awaiting you.

Radiolabeled studies

Access to GMP analysis of radiolabeled products for human AME (absorption, metabolism and excretion) studies is yours with our nuclear license and other unique advantages and experience. 


Dedicated Resource Agreement Program

Click here for more information about the Dedicated Resource Agreement (DRA) Program.


Develop, characterize, test and validate with Covance, no matter what technique or molecule you're pursuing. Our experience covers a wide range of biomolecules, including: