Access cGMP compliant cell banking, cell storage and full set of associated testing services from experienced cell bank specialists at Covance. Whether your need is for frozen cell stocks derived from a single cloned Master Cell Bank (MCB) cell, or stock from a working cell bank (WCB) or Maximum End of Production Cells (MEPC) line, Covance is there for you. We provide:

  • cGMP compliant cell banking
  • Cell bank storage
  • Testing to provide fully qualified cell banks


  • Confirmation assays
    • sequencing
    • copy number
    • restriction mapping
    • isoenzyme/RAPD
    • karyological analysis
  • Assays for retroviruses
  • Electron microscopic analysis
  • Screening assays for adventitious virus
  • Assays for specific adventitious agents(including MAP, HAP and RAP, immunoprobe assays and QPCR/RT-QPCR)
  • Mycoplasma and sterility assays
  • Tissue culture reagent contamination testing
    • testing for intrinsic cell culture contamination
  • Spiroplasma testing of insect cells


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Develop, characterize, test and validate with Covance, no matter what technique or molecule you're pursuing. Our experience covers a wide range of biomolecules, including: