Access new approaches for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals and peptides to increase efficiency and improve incurred sample reproducibility with Covance. You’ll see faster turnaround times, more consistency and data robustness for quantitative peptide analysis by LC-MS/MS. Your satisfaction is founded on the Covance ability to deliver world-class service, expertise and efficiency.

Experience counts

When you consider placement of your peptide bioanalysis, recognize that Covance has:

  • A dedicated team of 18 scientists to support biologic analysis
    • Our scientists average 12 years of industry experience
  • Supported 15 pharmaceutical companies and development of more than 20 biologic compounds
  • Developed and validated over 25 methods for peptides of various sizes in different species by LC-MS/MS according to FDA guidelines.
  • Established multiple approaches for the quantitative analysis of biologics ranging from <1.5 kDa to >10 kDa.

Service Profile

Download a service profile on Quantitative Peptide Analysis by LC-MS/MS.