Integration in Drug Development

Integration in drug development means different things to different people. The word integration by itself connotes combining or consolidating.  At Covance we define integration in drug development as a continuum of solutions from simple service bundling, or Integrated Service Solutions, to Integrated Drug Development, the strategic, managed development of a molecule, or portfolio of molecules, coupling an overarching scientific and regulatory strategy with commercial and operational coordination. Examples of bundling, or Integrated Service Solutions, include a Phase III study that requires monitoring, cardiac safety testing, and IVR services or a Phase I program that includes the conduct of a study at one of our Clinical Research Units and the testing of samples via one of our industry leading testing facilities. With respect to Integrated Drug Development, execution can include the entire plan from discovery through commercialization or part of the plan.  For example, over the past three years our preclinical integrated drug development solutions have enabled our clients to submit more than 120 IND/CTA applications.

Flexible solutions for maximum R&D efficiency

Regardless of the meaning, the goal of integration is clear.  We provide integration in order to improve the drug development process. Since the needs of our clients vary, we offer customized solutions that may entail no integration or a great deal of integration.  Whether our client is a virtual biotech company or a Big Pharma company, and everything in between, we offer flexible solutions made up of individual services, integrated service solutions, milestone based solutions, and full development solutions. We combine our industry leading solutions, which span from discovery through commercialization, an unmatched scale of operations, and a proven track record of partnering with clients of all sizes, with a relentless focus on process improvement and customer satisfaction, all designed to streamline drug development for our clients.