How good is the plan to bring your product to market?

You may have a promising drug candidate or device, but failure to define and successfully communicate its full value during every stage of development could jeopardize your commercialization outcome.

The Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research (GHEOR) team at Covance generates and delivers comprehensive, targeted, and empirically guided strategies to bring products to market.

Covance can help you demonstrate product value to a variety of decision makers across key markets and countries; gain favorable coverage and reimbursement; devise product promotion; and increase product uptake.

  • Value Communication and Global Value Dossiers (GVDs)
  • Your drug candidate or device is wrapped up in all kinds of important data. Targeting the right audience early and sharing information about your product’s value proposition is vital. We can tell —and sell— your value story.

    Covance is a single source, high-quality provider of medical writing and medical communications products and services. We help you create empirically based, readily testable, and differentiating value messaging that translate data into a story to define and demonstrate the value proposition of your product. From strategic publication and communication plans, white papers and peer-reviewed publications, to conference support, industry symposia and legislative briefing submissions, Covance tells your story to the right audience at the right time.

    As healthcare costs increase, a growing number of countries are formalizing requirements for biopharmaceutical coverage, pricing, and reimbursement. In this environment, biopharmaceutical companies must convincingly demonstrate their product’s comparative clinical & economic value to succeed. Covance offers a customized GVD service to help demonstrate product value and maximize commercial potential.

  • Health Technology Assessments (HTAs)
  • Covance establishes your brand’s scientific and commercial messaging to deliver optimized HTA submissions. Our HTA submissions are built from our experience in the most demanding HTA market in the world.

  • Economic Modeling and Pricing
  • The Covance approach to economic modeling involves rigorous audience targeting. We help clients demonstrate the economic value of their products to payers and providers through technical models included in HTAs, as well as user-friendly customer-facing tools.

  • Analytics
  • How your product works in the lab is one thing. The real world is another. When you need more data to support product safety and effectiveness prior to launch, avoid costly and time consuming observational studies. Tap our access to large-scale secondary databases instead.

    A secondary database study from Covance can provide scientifically valid results in a much less time and cost than a large observational study. We use many types of databases including claims data, electronic medical records, hospital administrative data, and survey data. In-house, Covance maintains various databases for immediate access of the most currently available information.

  • Prospective Observational Studies
  • How do you demonstrate the value of a product in a clinical trial? Our Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) research, established over 20 years in 25 countries, captures and conveys the value of your product to patients, health care providers, third-party payers, and government regulators.

    PRO research is a valuable tool in clinical trials for measuring treatment benefits and risks that may not be captured through other traditional clinical endpoints. The data can elaborate on those results and provide the basis for a variety of value-based product messaging and marketing initiatives.

    Our experience with PRO instruments across disease states enables us to capture the voice of the patient and minimize variability associated with the use of PRO instruments. Our assistance in structuring a well-designed PRO strategy will enable you to meet FDA standards, and enhance your likelihood for a successful product commercialization.



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