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Optimize Your Drug Development Journey

The path to successful commercialization of your drug or medical device is seeing some new and challenging terrain. There are new economic drivers, decision makers, reimbursement models and regulations that will impact the way your assets move through the drug development process and the health care delivery system.

Why? Because you have more to prove.

  • Demonstrating product value is just as important as establishing safety and efficacy.
  • Payments will increasingly be determined by outcomes, rather than a drug dose or device utility.
  • Creating and introducing your value story at the beginning of development and tailored to multiple audiences will yield bigger potential rewards.

When you partner with Covance, you’ll get there. Our Global Health & Economic Outcomes Research (GHEOR) and Access & Commercial Strategy (ACS) experts provide unique perspectives, tools and experience to transform your drug development progression, from early clinical development to successful launch and commercialization.

No matter your size, large biopharma or small, we help you overcome challenges and develop a value story that maximizes the price, access, reimbursement and market potential of your company or product, and increases the market the value of both.



On Demand:

Unique Market Access Considerations for Small Biopharmas
by John McDermott, John Carlsen and Tracy Mayne, PhD

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