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Commercialization Services

Covance Market Access strategies take your product to a higher level.

Help patients obtain your biopharmaceutical product or medical device by removing obstacles that may limit their access: pricing and reimbursement, insurance coverage, payer policies, and more.

Through every stage of commercial planning, Covance can help you respond quickly to market changes and stay way ahead of your competitors. 

Designed for results

Covance's Periapproval Services is specifically designed to meet every goal you target.

Extraordinary adaptations to an ever changing environment are all around us. In this post-FDAAA environment, Covance's Periapproval Services has uniquely adapted and evolved to offer our client partners expansive solutions for post-marketing challenges.

The first and only purpose-built periapproval services partner, Covance meets your every need for post-approval and post-marketing studies and programs.

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