At Covance, we understand the critical benefits of earlier results in patient studies.  Our dedicated leadership and operational team focuses on early patient studies, bringing appropriate rigor and resources to these shorter, smaller, scientifically focused studies to deliver greater value and attain earlier answers for you.

  • Customize our broad range of services to deliver the level of support that you choose
  • Experience a professional team that thrives on building partnerships with investigators
  • Streamline study execution with our processes designed specifically for early patient clinical studies

Our Phase II services include:

  • Proof-of-concept (i.e. Phase IIa)
  • Phase I oncology
  • Traditional clinical pharmacology studies (i.e. phase I studies at either Covance or non-Covance phase I units)
  • QTc prolongation in patient populations
  • Registration studies for special populations (i.e. hepatic-impaired, renal-impaired, drug interactions in target populations)
  • Pharmacokinetic studies in patient populations
  • Biomarker studies
  • Drug-device combination studies

Covance clinical teams support all aspects of a study including study set-up, project management, site management, and monitoring of studies conducted at academic medical centers, private clinics, research centers, or Covance CRUs.