Expand recruitment capacity and access with a global, well-resourced team to fill your panels when studies are placed with Covance.

Our most successful recruitment methods encompass a mix of tactics including direct contact with qualified individuals in our database, community outreach and media advertising. Centralized call centers handle incoming calls for efficient routing and fulfillment. 

  • Advertising, media creation and placement
    • Use of local and national radio, television, newspaper, magazine and online advertising
    • Use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook
    • Consistent Covance branding for clear name recognition
  • Central recruitment database & call centers
    • Nearly 200,000 active individuals
    • Regularly updated and maintained
    • English and Spanish language capability
  • Community outreach
    • Special population outreach, recognition within local communities
    • Best practices utilized across all clinical sites
  • Website — www.testwiththebest.com
    • Averages 70,000 visitors/month
    • Participant access to study requirements/schedules
    • Online form for individuals to complete information for call centers
  • Evaluation of participant satisfaction
    • Post-study surveys after study completion
    • Net Promoter score of 95% indicates very high participant satisfaction
  • Use of online study networks

Test with the Best

Test with the Best

Recruitment Populations

View a table of clinical research study recruitment populations.