Safety Services

Protecting the health and safety of patients is paramount. Covance delivers superior quality safety services and expertise worldwide. We have more than twenty years experience providing safety services in conjunction with clinical trial conduct.

Our Global Product Safety team provides a variety of comprehensive services, including:

  • Drug safety
  • Biologics safety
  • Device safety
  • Vaccine safety
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Safety surveillance
  • Pre-marketing, clinical trial safety
  • Postmarketing safety including Spontaneous and literature reports, postmarketing surveillance studies
  • Databasing
  • Clinical trial risk management
  • Crisis management/product recall/withdrawal and safety litigation
  • Trend and signal detection

Our teams are located in three regions - the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific - and operate with single, global management and common SOPs.

Our dedicated pharmacovigilance staff members bring in-depth experience of safety reporting in clinical studies and post-marketing surveillance. Our staff members have experience in safety, clinical research, data management and regulatory affairs. They have life science degrees, including nursing, pharmacy, medical technology and other related qualifications.

The pharmacovigilance services also include spontaneous reporting, product recall services, periodic report generation, FDA Periodic Reports (PRs) / Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs) and other specific safety-related services.

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