The need to conduct high-quality clinical trials in a timely fashion and with careful cost control has never been more important. However, across the lifecycle of a clinical trial staffing needs fluctuate significantly.
Supporting your flexible staffing needs, CoSource, Covance’s insourcing division, offers access to highly trained professional support for clinical trials in North America, Western and Central/Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union countries, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Our high-quality staff works to your specific standards.  They are project-managed by you but employed and line-managed by us.

We provide staff for the following job functions:

  • Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)
  • Project Managers
  • Program Leaders
  • Data managers
  • Data coordinators & programmers
  • Medical writers
  • Regulatory staff
  • Biostatisticians

What does this mean to you and your trial?

  • Flexible resourcing: quickly ramp up or ramp down staffing levels
  • Avoid waste and idle resources: prevent staff shortages in times of high need
  • Optimize your cost distribution: move from fixed overhead to a flexible, project-based format
  • Retain your expertise in-house: CoSource staff use your SOPs
  • Focus on your core capabilities: Free up your internal resources from focusing on recruitment and retention